June 12, 2010

doG's Country

Today we went to Canmore for my third tracking class. I lost my harness, but I think that wasn't today, it was a while ago. I made a new best friend named Abbey. She's only 8 months old but she's bigger than me, and can that girl wrestle!

We did a lot of wrestling before we tracked. See the other dog on the right? Most of 'em kinda made a big circle when they went past us.

Abbey has pretty pink lips, and pretty sharp teeth.

I was tired before it was even my turn, so I plopped down and took in some of the mountain air.

Actually, I didn't track much. I learned a secret though. If you follow Abbey, she knows where to go. She can wrestle AND she can track!

I can't remember these guys' names but mostly they were the fun police anyway.

Here's Abbey testing her brakes.

And one of the fun police deciding not to police so much.

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JohnEMarriott said...

Bark bark bark Rory! It was so fun to meet you and wrestle around, best tracking class I have had yet! I hope that you come back to Canmore again for another class so that we can play again. Licks Abbey (with the help of my Mom, using my Dad's email address)