June 12, 2010

Tracking Class #3

I've been assured that it won't take much longer before Rory clicks and actually knows what I'm asking him to do when we're out tracking. Right now he likes socializing with the other dogs, and following whatever they're doing, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't realize that the entire point of the thing is to find the person whose 'scent pad' I'm wafting in front of his nose. Fun times though. And certainly, there are worse places than Canmore to be on a stunningly gorgeous Saturday morning in June.

Here's Rory. I'd like to tell you he's deciding which fork to take, but alas, no.

After we found the person we were looking for (well, okay, after Rory followed the other dogs to the person we were looking for) it was time for a break and a drink.

In the middle of the stream, Rory discovered a tree with a muzzle.

Trying to remember that show on TV and how the bears caught salmon in mid-air. I didn't tell him
that there weren't any salmon here.


On the calmer side.

"Hey! You guys comin'??"

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