August 24, 2010

Kitchen Pining

I wouldn't say we've returned to kitchen planning full throttle, but we are definitely gearing up for some autumn renovations. This means going through the huge Hettich book and figuring out what kind of cabinet inserts and gizmos we need/want and then comparing that list against the kitchen drawings and deciding what will go where. We're still waiting to hear back from the distributor on the cost associated with this wish list. I will say that there was no going overboard, it's all functional with the idea being to make the most of the smallish space we have to work with. Speaking of wish lists though, I did spend some time dreaming and drooling on a website (no keyboards were harmed) for a Canadian company that 'custom' makes reproduction type appliances. They bill it as retro styling with 21st century technology. And they get my vote. You can design your own fridge or range on the website. Again, keeping in mind the width we previously allotted for the stove/oven I carefully chose my features (30" gas cook-top, electric self-cleaning oven, antique nickel detailing, pretty apron and legs...) And came up with this little gem.

The price tag? Too much. But dream big or go home I say. It was a fun exercise. I'll console myself by remembering that the warming drawer on the top of this puppy would interfere with the custom copper and stainless hood fan cover that I really want and that I can actually have. The website is worth a visit though. And be sure to check out the fridge with the brew master draft system. Add your favourite keg and voila! it dispenses beer out of the front of the fridge. Ideal for people who believe there is something wrong with the water.

Right...back to reality. In case you're thinking I spent my weekend looking at everything but the kitchen sink, fear not good people, I found it. Really. It's the perfect balance of how to incorporate a large sink near a stove without sacrificing counter and prep space. I've put a photo below for those of you who need instant gratification (or simply don't care about sinks, oh my). To really appreciate the design watch the video here:  I'm in love.

Stages(TM) 45

August 23, 2010

Idyllic Angst?

Today I wonder what on earth would possess a person to cry foul because Facebook and/or a blog seems to portray an idyllic life. Do they want the angst? The suffering? The heartache? The doubt? The guilt? There is no rule that says all must be shared. There is an underside, you know. Deep, dark, disturbing. But not always for public consumption

August 11, 2010


I wanted to come back. But it was hard to leave.

Making room in the dog/reno blog for some vacation reflection. Here's some of what I saw, heard, felt, learned and tasted on my latest trip to Newfoundland. You'll have to use your imagination to figure out which verb(s) to apply to what. There are some entertaining possibilities.

-Stinging nettles.
-Raw fingers and sore shoulders from reeling in fish.
-Blue Rodeo.
-Setting sunlight shimmering off my daughter's hair and a love so big for her that my heart squeezed and I couldn't breathe.
-The instant sense of peace that is Black Island.
-Scrabble strategy. Finally.
-A mouth full of salt water.
-The biggest canvas of clear dark sky and stars. Ever.
-Curly hair requires no product after swimming in the ocean.
-All 16 year old boys are fundamentally alike. Funny, awkward, cute.
-Line dried clothes still warm from the sun.
-Sea urchin spines are a bitch.
-Rory will wait by the living room window for three days before resigning himself to the fact that I'm not home yet.