April 25, 2009


Pardon weirdness if you login while I'm in the middle of switching things up a bit. I figure so long as the text isn't upside down, people will be okay until I've finally figured out where I'm going with this.


April 24, 2009

Victory Day

Don't mind the evil green eyes. This was an emergency post-celebratory photo taken with my Blackberry. Yes folks, Rory JUMPED into the back of the truck yesterday! "Big deal", you say. Oh yeah, big deal. What this means is that there is still hope for me - hope that soon I won't have to boost the back half of Rory's 102 pound frame into my vehicle every time we go somewhere. I don't know if people watch me do this and laugh, but I'm quite certain that Rory is smirking about it on the inside. Smirk no more big boy...now that I've seen you do it once, the bar has been raised.

April 18, 2009

R 'n R

Bad Blogger. That's me. I prefer to think of it as infrequent, not bad, but call it what you will. Keelan had to write an exam this morning, so Norm, Rory and I had some time to kill while we waited for him in the south. We ended up at Edworthy Park. New territory for Rory, I think he's only been there once before.

He spent the first while looking around and hoping like heck that a Ridgeback would show up soon.

And...if you can't find a Ridgeback, a couple of Vislas will do in a pinch.

There is a Dr. Seuss book I remember, titled "Are You My Mother?" In it, a baby bird spends a considerable amount of time wandering around trying to find his mother. Mother? Airplane. Mother? Backhoe. Mother?.... You get the idea. Rory spends his time asking "Ridgeback?" "Ridgeback?" The Vislas only fool him from a distance. This brown dog had him going too. And he was fun to play with. For about 12 seconds.

Now THIS is more like it. We happened upon Rory's brother Ramsay and then the fun really began.

Taking a breather. Wresting with your brother is hard work.

Ramsay's 'brother' Deuce waited patiently (well, mostly patiently) for the big goombahs to finish slobbering all over each other. I looked down and was able to take this shot of Deuce sitting between my feet.

Considering the teeth-gnashing (pretty teeth, that Ramsay), Deuce was clever to find a protected spot from which to watch the action.

Some final sprinting, and everybody was ready to go home and nap the afternoon away.