June 24, 2010


Trying to find a balance between dog stuff for some of you, and renovation stuff for others is tough. I did a quick scan though and realized that the last few posts were weighed heavily in favour of Rory. Not a bad thing in my book, but not so good for those of you jonesing for a reno fix. The roof isn't terrifically fascinating fodder because other people did it. At least until we get to the part where we cut the drywall out of the living room ceiling to reveal the new skylights, now THAT's going to be interesting. In the meantime, I spent some time last weekend putting a few of the finishing touches on the hub room. Poor thing was sorely lacking baseboard and casing. Norm had kindly repurposed some of the mahogany from the dining room into 3/4" strips in order to bring the hub room door jambs to the proper depth after we added the drywall. He did such a good job you can barely see the line in this photo that divides the new strip and the previous edge of the door jamb.

But, since life is more real than a photo I can tell you that the strips were just a touch too wide.
Which meant I got to plane them down before I could do the casing. The best part was the pile of wood curls on the floor afterward. This is what the salon floor looks like (minus the planer) after I'm done getting my hair cut. I hated sweeping these up they were so cute.

The obligatory dog shot. I had to put a baby-gate up at the front door since I was going in and out
because the wood and the saw and other tools were in the driveway. Rory spent his time in the living
room doing his best to look entirely put out because I was wasting a perfectly good Saturday morning
making wood curls.

Here is the end result on one of the doors. Norm and I picked this style out at a millworks place quite
some time ago. I went back there last Friday to see how serious they were about the sign on the door
that read "Sales to Contractors Only". Apparently, all you need to qualify as a contractor is red hair and
a willingness to pay for the materials. And maybe a wink.

Lest you are busy snubbing your noses or yawning, I want you to know that
I used up two feet of the top casing in practice trying to figure out how to make the angled cuts for the ends. I suppose I could have just cut the ends of the top piece straight back at 90 degrees, but I like this look much better. A little wood filler and some paint (Behr's Bleached Linen for those of you who want to know) and this will look like one solid piece of wood. By the way, once I figured out how to make these cuts, I cut an entire supply of left and right sides. If anybody needs some....

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