May 12, 2012

Why am I tired?

1: Spent the morning cleaning house.
2: Didn't get my Saturday nap.
3: Hopscotch (more like leapscotch, or at least jumpscotch, my nephews don't 'hop' anywhere), neighbour's goldfish pond, making pizza, spinning till you're dizzy at the playground, getting creative with sidewalk chalk. Interestingly, I was more of an observer than a participant and although Connor is now bathed and fast asleep, I think Xander still has some spark left. Not me.


May 11, 2012

Dance Lessons

I haven't posted for a long time. And finally I get my paws on a computer and what do you know? Blogger has changed the setup again. Here's to hoping I get this right.

KP isn't posting stuff - you'll have noticed that I'm sure. But I did want you to see me and Gotham at the park. Because really, I know you can never get enough of this right?

That's me, in the red.  That ear sticking up? That's Gotham's. Ridiculously uncool.

When I'm done showing Gotham the school of hard knocks, he likes to play shadow tag with himself. I won't tell you the other embarassing thing he does, because KP's gonna post about that another time, I'll tell you this has to do with running after a B-A-L-L. Totally insane. And very unRidgebacklike.

Hear that? It totally sounded like "UURNGMPH!" He's not as easy to knock over as he was a few months ago, and he's getting really good a deking me out, but once I catch him, it's game over.

Here are some interesting ones. Cropped so you can see close up how extremely tough and crazy we are (KP says just crazy). Pretty gnarly, huh?

But really, we're just softies. Don't tell anybody.