March 31, 2008

Roll 'Em!

March 30th was a Ridgeback birthday party in the park. Raimi and his siblings celebrated their first birthday as only Ridgebacks can: running, ducking, deking, wrestling, body slamming and mooching. The pups from Halo's second litter, including Rory, were also invited and really enjoyed trying to keep up with the big kids. The sun graced us with its presence just often enough to keep us outside, but the dogs didn't seem to mind the cold. Or the wet. Some wet from being bowled over, others because they were a bit too adventurous for their own good and went for a dip in the pond. We took some pics, and there are also some great ones on Tamzin's blog if you haven't seen them yet. We missed Karma and her people who weren't up to the drive in the snow, but I ended up meeting one of her people today at a course we both happened to be taking. I had no idea who he was until we started talking about cool things, like Ridgebacks :)

Apple of his Momma's eye...

Wham! WRW: World Ridgeback Wrestling


Rory, Zero and Seth's butt!

They can't see me if I hide behind the flora...

Geez, I wanted to take a pee, and I said no PEEKING!

Halo and Kenya sitting pretty.

Raimi being leader of the pack.

In over his head. Tucker, Ryder and Shane

Deuce the indomitable! (Place squeaker here)

Ramsay, Deuce and Rory.

Look carefully, it's not a six-legged Ridgeback.

Teaching the young 'uns to "stalk"

Rory with Zero: "Hey, cool, everything's upside down!"

Deuce the honourary Ridgeback, Ramsay and Rory

Got treats?

They went to sleep when we got home...for hours!

March 28, 2008

Outer Space

Cute, huh? Thing is for a little guy, Rory sure takes up lots of space. So much space that I end up on the edge of the bed. When I'm pretty sure he's asleep I move a few inches away and even in his sleep he follows me. I woke up after this with my head actually hanging OFF the bed onto the floor! I went along for moral support the other day when we drove into Cochrane to the vet's for Rory's shots. Truthfully, I'm not much help in those situations, but Rory was a trooper. Our vet is from South Africa and has a soft-spot for Ridgebacks. He says Rory has beautiful bones and lovely structure. Obviously, this fellow doesn't sleep next to a nipping, poking, fur-covered set of bones. ...Seth

March 25, 2008

Dog days

No pics today. The mess was all cleaned up by the time I got home. I'm advised that the "mess" consisted of a torn-up phone book (white pages, so I can only assume that Rory was trying to find my work number and not the local pizza parlour), and a shredded blue foam camping pad. Why the sleeping pad you ask? Good question, one I also asked. To back up a bit, Rory's fascination with the dining room has blossomed over the last few days. During the weekend he had pulled the phone book off a low shelf in the dining room but I managed to salvage it. He also (twice) tried pulling the table cloth off of the table, with no regard to the carefully constructed glass centre piece or the laptop on the table. Anyway, after today's phonebook chewing episode in my absence, Norm brought one of the camping foamies up from the basement to use as a barricade to the dining room. Not to be so easily disuaded, Rory let us know what he thought of THAT piece of work. Guess I'll have to dig the baby gate out from storage under the stairs. Interestingly enough, he knows not to come in the dining room when we are eating, so I wonder if the fascination is simply because he needs to know what happens in there. We are also thinking about just getting a piece of plastic carpet runner to lay at the entrance to the dining room. The theory is that he won't be able to tell the difference between this piece of plastic and the similar-looking scat mat that we use in another location. I dunno, I think we have to give Rory more credit than that. The real scat-mat is powered by a 9-volt battery contained in a compartment that Rory will try and dismantle if the mat is placed with the battery compartment on 'his' side. Ah well, they are sleeping like, well, tired dogs now. Just got back from a very LONG romp in the park.

March 12, 2008

Rock 'n Roll

Apparently Rory cracks a good joke. Seth grinned and Rory agreed it was a real thigh-slapper. Maybe one day they'll let me in on it too. Maybe it's my hair - it was a really windy day, I can just imagine what my crazy head of red curly hair must have looked like.

I'm happy to report that Rory can vary from his usual good-natured easygoing self to a hellish little beast on a leash. Actually, he isn't that bad, but after a couple of weeks of nice heeling he is now tugging all over the place. I think part of it is that he has discovered his nose. Sounds weird, but he has really started picking up the scent of, well, everything.

Norm was able to get this shot before we got to the park - some actual calmness while we wait to cross the road. Yah, don't let those angelic good looks fool you.

This is my crazy little man hoping like heck all his feet are in the right order as he tries to keep up with Seth and I on a sprint down the hill.

This one was my favourite shot of the day - Seth looks so intent!

...and here's Rory doing what he does best lately. I'm thinking a career as a sommelier is in order. "Ah, and here we have essence of chewing gum, with a hint of wet mitten. Wildly robust, long nose, lasting finish. Terrific now with a bowl of kibble, or age it for two years and share it with somebody special."

March 7, 2008

Mmmmm....I Love Fridays

Do you remember the story of Chicken Little? Y'know, how she worked her little chicken butt off all day, running around and getting the stuff she needed to make muffins? And how the cow, the pig and other assorted and sundry weren't of a mind to help her, but they sure wanted to help EAT the muffins? Well, with a Ridgeback or two around you will never have to experience that. I'm waiting for Seth, and one day Rory, to ask me to write them a letter of reference, and that's exactly what I'll write: just how cooperative and helpful these guys are, especially when cheese is being grated. In case you hadn't gathered, these shots were taken in the kitchen, post-cheese: a bit of double entendre there for those of you so inclined. In fact, most of the photos on this blog have been taken in the kitchen. It's where we hang out (human family included). Today being a Friday off for me, the boys and I started with a drive downtown early early this morning to the passport office. Then for a walk. I left them to their own devices while I picked up ingredients for supper. The guys were totally enthralled with the cooking process and as usual were my constant companions while I put together tonight's meal. Penne baked with peppers, Spolumbo's Italian sausage and cheese, baked zucchini, garlic bread (yah yah lotsa carbs, but the bread is whole wheat French) and for dessert a lemon poppyseed cake with lemon glaze. Tonight is also "House-fest". I'm down to four more episodes on DVD 3 of Season one. I have a lot of catching up to do - and I plan on enjoying the company of some good friends while we eat supper right in front of the TV! Oh, I do LOVE Fridays! ...Kathryn

March 1, 2008

Primitive Doggy Art

So, I'm kinda thinking of joining the art scene. Stainless steel appliances make for fabulous canvas - and I'm sure that nose drips and leftover supper goobers are a unique medium. As convinced as I am that I've found my niche, Momma says I shouldn't quit my day job. Hey! This IS my day job! Anyway, this is me today. Seth said I was trying to look like a poor starving "artiste", but actually it's just me after I found my very own sunbeam. I was so proud! And warm too. ...Rory