May 23, 2010

Yardwork 2.0

It's a jungle out there. I've turned into a fair-weather camper and given the forecast for this long weekend, I stayed home. There is a lot to do here anyway. Like explore the yard and use up some of my good dirt. The sheet composting was a success, and there was enough on the tomato bed to share with other parts of the yard. Besides, I'm waiting on delivery of a cubic yard of soil from the big yellow bag people (should be here tomorrow, for the shade garden) so I had most of the weekend to kill so I weeded, identified and relocated assorted greenery.

In the last house, most of the yard was deck, which meant that container gardening was the way to go. I won't need that many containers here, but I did decide to keep a few of my favourites, like these.

This little guy is only a couple of feet tall...for now.

There are three crab apple trees in the back - exciting if you like to make jelly. There was one tree at the old house, but last year the blossoms were hailed on and there weren't enough apples for jelly.

Some judicious weeding in the beds that border the back yard turned up at least four bunches of rhubarb. I wonder if thinking about rhubarb coffee cake right now is akin to counting your eggs before they hatch?

Peonies. So I've been advised. Thanks Mom. I wouldn't have known. Neither would you before I cleaned out all the creeping bellflower which my neighbour advises is a pain in his ass. He says he's spent ten years trying to eradicate it from his yard. We, of course, have heaps of it. Literally, I made a heap of it after weeding it out of all of the beds. It's really rather pretty but amazingly invasive.

Some sort of lily. I think. Erring on the side of caution and assuming everything is poisonous - this means there is absolutely none on the side of the yard where the dog run is.

I'm not sure why, but the bush at the front of the house was squished into the left hand corner of this planter. I spent the better part of an hour digging and undoing roots from the stone and generally feeling like I was trying to pull out an uncooperative loose tooth. Then I went and got my brawn out of the garage. Men. Can't live without 'em. Unless maybe you have a backhoe. I relocated the bush (don't ask me what kind) to the main part of the planter. Then removed some other kind of lily that was in the very shady and sheltered east side yard and put them out here - it faces north so they'll get a bit more light but not enough to kill them.

Hawthorn tree in the front yard. It smells good.

Back to the back yard. Some sort of rose. There are a few others that I found courtesy of the thorns. Somehow thorns and curly hair just go together.

I put the squash outside before it ate my screen. I grew these from seed in my dining room and the tendrils they were throwing out were crawling through the window screen.

And chives! Bunches and bunches of them. All relocated to a space of their very own.

Stay tuned for the tomato bed and the shade garden!

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