September 18, 2010

The In Crowd

If you can't beat the weather, you can join it. If you're a Ridgeback the best way to keep warm (next to stretching out against the baseboard radiator) is to make sure you expend a lot of energy at the park. It's even better when you meet a new friend like Jaeger, an 8 year old Weim who had absolutely no trouble keeping up with Rory.

This is pretty much typical Rory...totally oblivious to the fact that the other dog is pretty much unaware of his presence because there is a B-A-L-L.

What's a Ridgeback to do? Well, find another Ridgeback and show the Weim what you want.

You can start with the stare-down. Maybe the Weim won't notice the ball beside his feet. "Look into my eyes, there is no ball".

And the next thing you know...


Zig. Zag. Where'd that darn ball come from?


Ambush! Though Rory wasn't nearly as hidden as he thought he was.

Photographic proof that Rory marches to the beat of his own drum. Or he's directionally challenged.

A little sit-stay. No big deal, since Jaeger was back looking for the ball anyway.

September 17, 2010


Don't let the greenery fool you. Good light and shadow combined to make this look like just a pretty picture of a tomato biding its time, growing, ripening.

No sirree folks, this is a tomato in jeopardy. As are all tomatoes in Calgary gardens. I don't know much about the blight in Edmonton and whether it has been found in Calgary tomatoes, but I do know this summer has not been warm enough and September isn't looking any better. 1C last night and frost on the yard. Luckily Norm helped me rig up something to give these poor green guys a fighting chance. When I went to check on them today it was noticeably warmer beneath the poly than the 6C that the outside thermometer indicated. Whew!

There isn't any room for me under there, so the photos are the result of me sticking my arm inside and snapping whatever shots I could. I like to think of this as seeing things from the tomatoes' perspective. Looking out at a grey world, while rain runs down the outside of your little cocoon and the occasional drop of condensation drips on your little tomato head. Maybe every once in a while there is a collective tomato shiver as they all look outside and sigh. If they get big enough to pick even before they've ripened I'll probably feel bad about eating them.

Or maybe not.

September 3, 2010

Ode to Being Four

Here, near as I can recall it, is a transcription of the dialogue between my four year old nephew and I from last Sunday. We were at the mall, it was lunch time, and he had just finished telling me he wanted tzatziki and pita.

"Okay, that sounds good. You'll need some protein to go with it though. How about some chicken?" [I don't even bother venturing into vegetables with him...let's just start with the chicken I figure.]

"Uhm, I like regular protein."

"Regular protein? [huh?] You have to pick something, like chicken... or some other meat or fish, beans, tofu. You know, some sort of protein."

"But my mom just gets me regular protein. That's the kind I like." [Now I'm pretty confused. His mom is not a health-food type person, but all I can picture is some sort of protein powder, maybe mixed into some milk.]

"Xander, really, if we go to the Greek place, you can get your tzatziki and pita and a skewer of grilled chicken."

"How come the Greek place? That's not where my mom gets it from. We go to the other place. For protein. You know: fries, and gravy and cheese. There's no chicken on it."

I think les Quebecois will forgive a small child (and his aunt, who really should have clued in earlier) for the mistake. Protein, Poutine...close enough. We settled on a chicken skewer.

September 2, 2010

A Dog and His Boys

It's a quiet day for Rory. After three full days of hanging out with my nephews who were here visiting from Manitoba, I think Rory is wondering where the love went. He's never had so many pats, scratches, belly rubs and treats.

From the walk on the first day....

 the good-bye hug on the last day