June 30, 2008

More Stacking. No Pancakes.

Another practice trot and stack session in the park with Tamzin. I was the official photographer :) Gosh, but he's pretty. ...Kathryn

June 29, 2008

Raimi Visits

If you've been reading Tamzin's blog, you'll know a couple of things. One is that she was away at a dog show in Montana last weekend. The other is that Raimi came for a visit yesterday. While she was in Montana, we were near Blaine, Washington for my eldest daughter's wedding. I've promised certain people some photos, so here they are: http://picasaweb.google.com/pawkyone/BrianneAndJamesWeddingForWebAlbum
I absolutely LOVE the drive out to Vancouver, and I do it anytime I can - and visiting Brianne is about as good an excuse as any. She just moved out there last year and has no plans to come back. What's a mom to do? If I could make a living out there it's where I'd be. I'm particularly fond of Crown Isle near Comox. Yeah, I'd still have to drive for an hour and then take a ferry to visit Brianne, but it's closer...

As for Raimi's visit, he was an absolute doll. I think Norm had visions of a 107 pound dog pounding through the house (like that's a bad thing?) but it turned out that Raimi did Tamzin proud. The only downside to the visit was that we had to put Seth in the guest room as he wasn't keen on canine fun in his domain, especially if it involved Rory and a dog who isn't Seth. Seth was actually fine having a bed all to himself, and the only time we heard from him was when Rory pulled the puppy-card and yelped when the roughhousnding (dog housing?) with Raimi was more than he could handle. Rory and Raimi spent the entire evening with the run of the yard and house, playing, sniffing, poking and generally behaving like Ridgebacks.

"Uhm, hi. Have you seen my mother?"

"..and this is my yard, and my deck, and my grass, and my toys, and and my flowers, and my water dish, and my... hey, are you listening???"

"Is that your tongue?"

"Snork. Slurp. Y'know, your ears don't taste as good as your Momma's."

"'k guys, it's HOT out here. I vote for Dairy Queen."

By the end of the evening, the two 'boys' had settled down with us in the loft. I was dozing off on the couch and Norm left to go downstairs. Hearing the bathroom door close Raimi took that as the all clear and joined me on the couch, comfy as could be. And there we stayed until Tamzin came to take him away. Kinda like a slumber party without very much slumbering.

June 17, 2008

Watch Me Go!

Hiya, it's me. Rory. Tamzin took some really good pictures of me on the hike. Y'know, the walk where my momma couldn't keep me in the frame? Well, here I am. Look at me bounce! Pretty impressive, huh? I had so much fun and then I slept for two days. ...Rory

June 14, 2008

Let's Prey

The long grass brings out something in Rory. Something that makes him zig zag through the grass at crazy speed like a dog possessed. A lot of today's pics are actually just grass, since his speed and erratic movement precluded actually keeping him in the frame long enough to catch the shot. I'm calling those the 'invisible dog' shots.

I only recognize two of the butts - the bigger one is Raimi, and the one to his right is Rory. The nature of photography during a dog walk is that many of the shots are from 'behind'.

Raimi posing. "Hey, Mungo, get outta the way...you're blocking my limelight!"

Mungo "Periscope Ear"

"Don't come any closer or the little guy gets it!" Rory and his hostage, Ramsay.

Tally "I'm Actually Amphibian"

Seriously, this dog would not come out of the water. Obviously, not a Ridgeback, but she was so much fun I'm not going to hold that against her.

All around the mulber..., uh, the whatever bush.

June 1, 2008

The Satsuma Strikes Back

The "new" ortho-foam bed has made its last stand. Luckily, I had already ordered a couple of other beds and was waiting on their imminent delivery. This one was destined for the loft but, for obvious reasons, was put to use in the kitchen. It was also supposed to be 'wine' coloured. If I'd wanted purple, I would have looked for 'purple' (or heck, maybe even 'eggplant') in the colour list - they weren't there. The only thing wine about it is that I whined when the box was opened. Oh well, soon enough it will be covered with red dog hair. The other bed is a big rectangular job, waterproof camouflage cover to put out on the deck. Speaking of the deck, it was a great weekend for hanging outside, so we did. Spring planting and cleaning was all finished and we were sitting on the lounge swing. Norm had just finished peeling a Satsuma - one of those tiny Japanese mandarins - and of course Rory had his nose everywhere. Norm gave him a little piece of peel and Rory took off with it, throwing it in the air and then pouncing on it. Batting at it and growling (complete with his butt in the air). That was funny enough, but then things took a turn to riotous when the peel got stuck to the bottom of his front paw. He could smell it near his foot somewhere, and kept backing up and going around in circles with his nose on the deck trying to find it. All in a day's work for Rory, and he proved just how taxing his ordeal was by promptly passing out when we went inside. And just WHERE did my puppy go? Good thing I ordered the XL. http://www.mammothoutlet.ca/ gets five stars in Rory's book. Until he eats it.