April 28, 2013


So KP and Norm have been collecting wood bits. Well, they're not really wood but they're sorta wood. C-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e. Because that will be better than wood. No sanding and staining means more time for dog walks, right? And there have been Strangers in the back yard dragging around their number strings. And papers all over the dining room table, papers that are q-u-o-t-e-s. Not dinner, which frankly, has me disturbed. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat paper any day but I much prefer dinner.

After weeks of this, it looks like KP and Norm won't be asking anybody to build the deck. Actually, after one deck guy saw the kitchen he wondered why they were even asking him for help on the deck. Then they wondered too. No rest for the wicked, they might build it themselves. Gotham and me don't care too much, as long as we have a nice big deck to sun ourselves on, hooked up to a new dog run with a concrete floor, and a new fence for the whole back yard.

I'm not sure why they are also looking at patio furniture. That might be going too far, all I really need is a comfy carpet in a sunny spot outside. But hey, if they wanna throw a couch into the deal I won't argue.