February 27, 2008

Park it!

This is me an' Seth at the park today. It was my first time and pretty fun. Except for the pee part. No, it wasn't me, it was him! I stick pretty close underfoot and today I realized that maybe I should keep just a bit of distance from Seth. He lifted his leg to pee on a pole but I was in the way. Yuck. But really, doesn't he look happy to be hanging out with me? ...Rory

February 24, 2008

Earth, we have contact!

All I want is to be able to touch Seth with my nose. I fall asleep better if some part of me is connected to some part of him. But as soon as he thinks I am sleeping, he moves to a new sunbeam. Obviously, this is part of my training. I am supposed to get up and follow him. Maybe one day I'll lead HIM to the sunbeams.
Uh, confession being good for the soul and all that, I must concede to one accident this morning. I have not yet mastered more than 4 stairs at a time and we were all the way up in the loft...I swear, if I had been downstairs I would have rung the bells to get out, really I would (my humans tell me we are at about 95% to the good on this one). Unfortunately, my humans were so engrossed in an episode of House they didn't notice my distress. So I did what any puppy would do. I peed. As for the allegations of suckling noises and hiccups, deny deny deny. ...Rory

Lots to Learn

I read the Ridgeback standard. Rory is a quick study, but dignifed? Hardly. Last night while he was sleeping his tongue was actually sticking out of his mouth - just the tip mind you - and he was making these disgusting sucking noises. Woke the entire room up. And he gets hiccups after he eats - the epitome of class. Not. Between the slurping, the hicking and the little blighter nipping at my hocks, there is no sleep to be had in this house. I am giving serious consideration to offering my services as a lap dog wannabe somewhere else. ...Seth

February 22, 2008

All Talk

Apparently, it was a long day. A car ride to join a friend for lunch, then a trip to the bakery, then to Rascal's for a couple of thinner beds for the bedroom. I wanted something they could sleep on that I could just slide under my own bed in the morning, rather than lugging the big one out and back to the kitchen each day. I threw the new beds on the floor by the door when we came back, and the boys decided to test them right away: immediate flake-out, so I guess these will work. Just by looking at the relative size of these guys side-by-side, I can tell that Rory has grown quite a lot in just the few days we've had him. Seth talks tough to him, but obviously found a soft spot somewhere, and I'm not talking about the new beds. Yesterday, we were walking out to the truck and the neighbour was coming up the walk with his dog. Normally Seth and Harley don't have any trouble with each other, but as soon as Harley got close to Rory, Seth jumped in between them and started growling. Of course, that could be chalked up to Seth's normal 'fun police' style, but I like to think he was looking out for his little bro'. ....Kathryn

February 20, 2008

"Mooner" Eclipse

Momma went for a walk to look at the moon with the rest of the neighbours. Not us. This is where she left us, and this is where we were when she came back 20 minutes later. Moon shmoon.
....Seth and Rory

February 19, 2008

The days are just packed!

Aside from maintaining cuteness, there is a lot of other work to be done during the day. I was particularly helpful with the laundry - missing socks can be found in my bed. Two car rides in as many days (I nap and my humans actually have to wake me up when we get home), toy investigations (there might be aliens lurking in the basket), dance lessons from Seth (he barks 'cause he's jealous of my funky moves), checking what's for dinner (don't tell them I was in the kitchen!), and patrolling the deck. I rang the bells on the door today - you should have heard the hoopla my humans made! You would think I had discovered a $100 bill. All I wanted was to attend to some business, so I did what Seth does to get out. Really people, it's a no-brainer. ...Rory


This is what I put up with all day long. I lay down, he lays down. Head up, head up. Look, look. Switch positions, switch positions. I have to give the little bugger credit, he has tenacity. Despite my protests, he keeps coming back. I'm really feelin' the love! ...Seth


February 18, 2008

Impossibly Cute

Next to sleeping, follow-the-leader is my favourite thing. I like to follow Seth everywhere. This is us outside on the deck, Keelan also managed to include his toe in the picture. Do you think Seth looks like he's trying to avoid me?


What have they DONE?!

This is your intrepid reporter Seth, coming to you live from what used to be my very own space. I am currently trying to get some rest, but it's difficult with my head hanging off the dog bed onto the hard, cold floor... The interloper is in my BED! He makes my blankets smell weird. And he keeps POKING me and chewing my collar. Ugh. I thought for sure when we picked this thing up on Saturday that we were just doing a favour for somebody, y'know, the peeps were going to drop him off somewhere. But no, they brought him home! And he's still here. His only redeeming feature is that he does sleep like a rock, which is the only time I get any peace. What do you suppose they were thinking?


February 17, 2008

This is what I do best so far. Though I do give a good performance when accompanied by a harmonica.

February 16, 2008

This is my first afternoon in my new home. This is me and my new big brother Seth having naptime. Well, at least ONE of us is having a nap. The sherpa in the crate is okay, but Seth's bed is better. Doesn't he look so excited?? I know he's really happy to have me 'cause I follow him everywhere, well, 'cept up the stairs. It makes me cry when he goes up the stairs. I don't know why he goes there. The humans here are nice, especially the boy with the soft fur on his head, but Seth is the best. There's a really cool stuffed duck in the toy basket - it quacks!


February 15, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas

I am beginning where Tamzin left off, so I appropriated the last picture of Rory that she posted in her blog. When I saved it to my laptop, the default name was "Rory+Fatness"; that about says it all. This litter was born on the night before Christmas and now it feels like the night before Christmas. It's after 11 pm and not a creature is stirring. Except me. Can't sleep. Rory is comin' home tomorrow! The crate has been dragged from the garage - at some peril to my own well-being, but what are a few lacerations compared to the excitement of a new puppy - and set up in the kitchen with Seth's bed. All scrubbed out and lined with a new sherpa. Clean towels and blankies are folded and waiting. As are new toys and nylabones (these having been given a test chew and the all-clear from Seth), collar and dog tag. Yup, the old fellow knows something is up...