February 27, 2010


Anybody know what I should do with this?

February 22, 2010

The good stuff

So, I read somewhere that it takes a professional about 10-12 hours to install hardwood in an average sized room. That seemed like a long time. Especially if one is paying said professional by the hour. Which we're not. What we are though, is developing an appreciation for the amount of work an installer has to do. We're maybe one quarter done laying the floor in the hub room. Granted, the first couple of days were fraught with interruptions - expected and welcome. And a little bit of learning - like when you make a mistake, two-inch staples are not the easiest things to remove. Now that we've developed a sense a rhythm, things should go much faster (and people know that this is about the only place I have any chance of developing rhythm...you've seen me dance).

If any of you are looking for gift ideas for the man who has everything...get him a new pair of slippers, would you? You can't tell in this photo, but the soles are literally falling off the bottoms of these ones. I'm waiting for him to accidentally staple one to the floor.
Me? By the time all is said and done, I'm going to need a new pair of kneepads.

 Our decision on the type of hardwood for the house hinged on a few things. Colour (Norm leans to red), grain (I like lots of variation) and hardness (big dog = harder is better). Based on this, Norm would have picked cherry (not enough grain for me), I would have picked walnut (too soft for the dog) and Rory would have picked, well, he probably doesn't care. In fact, I'm not so sure what we were worried about, since he hardly spends any time actually standing on a floor. Here he is in his "supervisor spot", surrounded by compressors, nail guns, and other stuff. Yeah, oak, maple, whatever. Just make sure it comes in stick shapes.
In case you can't tell, it's tiger wood (closest we could get to a lion for Rory).

February 16, 2010

If I never see another sanding block...

Last reno post showed the mudding. Since then, I've sanded and primed. And painted. I'll be happy if there are no more rooms here that require full drywall replacement. The lights are in and working. I think Rory believes that we are engaging in all this effort just for him. He's more than used to laying on the couch now (completely covered with sheets which originally were to protect it from dust and paint, but are now serving double duty as protection from dog hair and drool). Even when I was painting the ceiling and hoiking the couch around out of the way, he'd stay on it. Dust flying, tools going, doesn't seem to bother him. I'd worry he was deaf, but he can hear the fridge open no matter where he is.

Hub room - west. You can see Norm's work in the cables for speaker and satellite for wall mounted TV.
Hub room - north. Doors out to the foyer (gosh I LOVE that word!)

Hub room - east. Door to the basement. And "Rory's" couch.

Hub room - east. Alcove by the window. The hole in the ceiling is for speaker 1 of 3.

Hub room - south and west. Doors out to the laundry, kitchen, garage and back door

Rory...wondering when we're going to get to the floor!

Tigerwood (not to be confused with Tiger Woods) 3/4" hardwood. Box 1 of 36. Should be enough for the entire main floor except the kitchen and back entrance.

All you have to do now is imagine all of those walls with bookcases, except where the TV is. Oh, and new sets of glass French doors by two. But first, stay tuned...floor leveling and hardwood installation, aiming for finish by Sunday. But we all know how that works.

February 1, 2010

Wonders Don't Cease

Given enough cabin fever, Rory fetches. Or maybe he's inspired by watching the other dogs at the park chase balls and sticks. Yesterday as we were about to leave the dog park, we came across a nice big stick that one of the other dogs had been playing with (no doubt the dog that Rory chased with glee while we assured the owner that Rory wasn't interested in the stick, he just likes to run with the other dogs). Anyway, we get to the edge of the park, and Rory picks up the stick. Odd. I call him over and after a couple of evasive moves on his part he does trot over. Odd (not the come on recall, but generally Rory doesn't "bring" things to me). So I take the stick. And throw it. Far away (okay, as far as I could). Rory ran with mad abandon - think of back feet up by his ears - and brought it back. And again. And probably ten more times after that.

Don't tell the other Ridgebacks.