June 14, 2010

Kika's 2nd Birthday

Whew! Busy weekend for me. And it was all about me too. Well, not really, but I got to do lots of stuff. Including going to my first ever birthday party on Sunday. It was really hot outside and there were a ton of mosquitoes. But there was cool drinking water by the bucketful and treats too. Kika didn't look anything like I remembered her. Last time I saw her we were in a photo shoot together, with Raimi and Seth. She was just tiny. And now she's two and I could actually play with her. Odin is my younger brother and he lives with Kika. You'll see him in the photos. He has the same smile as me. In case you can't tell us apart, he has the blue collar. The mosquitoes really liked him. So did I. Kika has the pink collar. There were other dogs and more Ridgebacks there too. Thanks Jim and Barb - it was great fun! Oh, and those vanilla thingies? They're on top of the fridge and making me crazy every time I walk by...

Hard to tell, huh? Apparently it's hard to take a photo of bouncing Ridgebacks. That's me on the left.

I think Odin was sticking his tongue out AT ME!


That's Emmy (or maybe it was Emma?) and her periscope ear running toward Ivy. They're girls, and not quite as much fun as Odin.

I hope I get to go hang out with Odin again.

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Servant 1 of 2 said...

Odin can't wait to play with Rory again either, he's always stuck with girls!

We were so glad you could come to the party and Kika says Thank You for the treats and toys!