May 28, 2008

We're updating all of our digital pictures (truly, this means Norm is doing the work). This involves creating a public drive on our home network just to store pictures, movies, etc. Picassa is busy indexing no matter which computer I try to use. This picture was handy, so I pulled it out to post on the blog. This is Seth (L) and Sage (R) in 2004. Note Seth had yet to turn grey, while Sage was well on her way. It was our last summer with her, and this picture was taken on a warm day after a particularly frisky outing - as the lolling tongues clearly indicate. It was also the day that Seth walked along that river wall to some picnickers at the far end and thought it appropriate to stick his head right INTO their picnic basket to see what was for lunch. Now Sage is gone and Seth is the grey one. Not much to report on Rory today. Though I am still referring to him as the Dog of Destruction. Norm's brother came by today and wanted to know where our puppy went. Puppy no more. Okay, mentally a puppy, but physically a tall, gangly, often-clumsy goofball.

May 22, 2008

Dog of Destruction

Oh dear. Here is what Rory thought of the new ortho-foam bed I brought home for Seth. You'll notice Seth has taken possession of what's left of the bed. Somehow, Rory managed to unzip it, and he must have stuck his head in there a good number of times to pull that many pieces off. And quick too - he managed this in the space of less than an hour. He certainly looked sufficiently sheepish enough that I couldn't bring myself to yell at him. Or maybe the look is more "Hmmm, interesting huh momma? I wonder how that happened? Probably Seth did it, huh?"

May 19, 2008

Stacks of...What?

A little bit of fun, a little bit of seriousness. Today was Rory's first "stack" for somebody other than me. I learned lots. Like, he's a total wiggler. And really, kisses and slobber are a critical part of the process. Especially if it's Rory kissing Tamzin. I dunno, maybe it's her face cream or something, but he just couldn't get enough of her. Difficult, when she's trying to bend over and put his legs in the right place, and he's busy trying to get his tongue in her ear. This shot came out okay.

Tamzin took this one of Rory and Raimi -
I don't know how she does it, because I
never even saw the camera come out.

And here is Rory showing his "serious" side. Yeah, as if.

May 10, 2008

Going Green

I attempted to show Rory the pleasures of green grass today, but the little trotter doesn't stand still long enough for anything. I'm glad for the green grass. Good to roll in. Good to eat. Still not available everywhere but a few of the parks in the city are looking more springish. You'll note he is wearing a BLUE collar. Blue is my colour! We took him out to get a new collar this morning because he had outgrown his first one. The peeps chose red, and I must admit it looked pretty good on him. Trouble was, it was defective (what good is a Martingale where both ends of the chain are hooked to a loop at one end of the collar rather than the loop in the middle?) and there were no more red ones. I draw the line at hanging out with anybody wearing hot pink, so blue it is. No doubt he'll outgrow this one too and then he can get his own darn colour. ...Seth

May 5, 2008

It's me. Lots went on here this weekend. The weirdest thing was 'yardwork'. I don't get it. They got rid of all the leaves and twigs and stuff. This thing I'm standing beside, it's a "shuvvel". They also used "brooms" and "rakes". As you can tell from my expression, I didn't get it at all. Still don't. I like my twigs. In fact, the handle on the shuvvel might make a good substitute. The coolest thing was that Norm replaced the landscaping fabric near the fence and then re-covered it with cedar chips. I know he did it just for me, 'cause he left a brand new bag of wood chips on the deck so I could spread out my own.

This is me trying for a close-up. My nostrils really are quite attractive, no?

Seth found yardwork very exhausting.

The best thing was the walk later that day. We went for a walk with my momma Halo and her person Tamzin. Tamzin brought Raimi and Kenya too. And then we found Peg with Ryder and my litter-brother Shane. Seth was still tired from yardwork so he stayed home. I loved it! ...Rory