June 24, 2010

Roof! Roof!

I'm just a dog y'know. When my momma goes to work in the morning, I fully expect to nap until my internal clock tells me she'll be home soon. Then I wait at the front window for her. Today I didn't get to sleep AT ALL. There were men on the roof. Scraping, hammering, walking, stomping, nailing. The roofing guys were here! Brad didn't come with them. I like Brad, he came to look at our roof when momma said we needed a new one. And he came back after the roofing guys were done. I've never seen the roof, so I'm not convinced we needed a new one, but I am sure glad it's finished. What a racket!! I can tell you that the crew from Supreme Roofing Solutions Inc.was very nice to me. Momma says they were very good at their job. They cleaned everything up after they were gone, and even ran a big magnet thing around the yard to make sure there were no little bits of metal that I might step on. The other thing is that now when I sleep upstairs it's not hot anymore. Before we got a new roof, if the daytime temperature was anything over 24C it was hard to sleep upstairs because the heat was trapped in the attic. Now that the old two layers of shingles are off and the new roof is on, it's nice and cool for sleeping.

This is the skylight at the front entrance. I loved when the glass was off, because then I could hear more of what the guys on the roof were saying. And I was kinda hoping that they'd drop some of their lunch down to me.

These are the two skylights over the living room. Brand new ones. The old ones were boarded over on the roof and then drywalled over on the inside (who does that, you ask? yeah, we don't know why either). You still can't see these ones from the inside yet, but there are nails marking the corners on each unit and I'm waiting for the day when the peeps cut through the drywall on the inside. LET THERE BE LIGHT I say!

These are some of my new friends. The still didn't share their lunch with me though.

Here's what the front yard looked like from my vantage point at the front window. It's all clean now. And now we have a nice steel roof that looks like cedar shakes and is supposed to last forever. That should make the insurance company very happy since they didn't have to pay for it (but they did tell us we had to get a new roof RIGHT NOW). And it should keep my momma from saying bad words whenever she talks about the insurance company.


Norm Clark said...

Actually the roof looks like "aged cedar shakes" not slate but then again Rory has never seen the roof so how is a dog supposed to know?

Charles Terry said...

Feels good to have better ventilation for your roof, isn't it? And the skylights are a fantastic addition. And since it's new, the roof will definitely be sturdier and will last longer. With regular maintenance (like cleaning the gutters), it'll stay that way for many more years.

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