July 2, 2011

This Is My Dog

This is my dog.

This is my dog on dru..., uh no, this is my dog on power tools

Really. He's a reno pro. Or a really good foreman. The sounds of tile saws, grinders, drills (and the occasional curse)? He laughs in the face of all of that. Or at least he sleeps. His people, on the other hand, had work to do.

With the exception of the copper inserts, every single tile in this photo required cutting. Every. Single. Tile. And not just one cut. Oh no. The tiles in the border were cut on all four corners. If I didn't find that renovations provide me with a much needed creative outlet, we would have just layed the darn things side by side and been done with it. This is the progress after almost two days of work. The rest should be easier. Should be.

I'm going to BBQ some steak, get the watermelon out of the fridge and call it an afternoon. That's what my dog would do.

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