July 14, 2011

Moving On

It's time to move on to kitchen plumbing. We found out tonight that there IS a solution to what we thought was a large problem or two, so that's good news. Bad news is that it involves tearing out more drywall. Good news is that's tomorrow's job, not tonight's.

Now that the floor has been grouted and sealed, I wanted to post photos stage by stage. Since some of the pictures have already been posted elsewhere and the floor has already had visitors (it's more popular than I am), I'll keep the commentary to a minimum. To decrease the risk of being repetitive but to allow a viewing for those who haven't seen the photos yet here's a quick overview. If you've seen enough of the in-between already, scroll to the bottom for the finished product which hasn't been posted anywhere yet!

Whew! Not gonna lie, I'm happy that's done. Here's to hoping that nothing the City is doing outside with all the crashing and banging is going to disturb the cement or the grout curing.

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