June 30, 2011

Where Were We?

Oh yes, I remember now, when last you saw me, the folks were tearing out the old subfloor leaving bare planks where I was perilously at risk of getting my toenails stuck.

At the unfortunate expense of long, leisurely hikes at the dog park (I don't mind about the mosquitoes, really I don't), the people of the house opted to get down to business and finish the kitchen floor.

They've put in new 3/4" plywood over the 3/4" shiplap. A lot of screwing went on in there.

Then a layer of thinset and a layer of Ditra. This is me.
Sometimes I wonder if my momma doesn't realize what I good help I am.

I find leaning on your people really helps to them feel loved. ("How about now? Can we go for a walk now? I'm bored. Is it supper time?")

Last night, momma put tape on the floor. It's a little CSI-ish, huh? I didn't get it. She said the blue tape was where the cabinets would go (that's a lot of cabinets...they'll hold a lot of dog food, I say).

Then the green tape helps make her virtual rectangle, so she can figure out where to put the tile border - somewhere on the inside of that rectangle - you wouldn't want the pretty parts to end up UNDER the cabinets! She made some chalk lines and made sure the rectangle was square (I guess I really don't understand geometry. A square rectangle??). And then she marked the centre point. That'll come in handy later.

Then a dry layout of a couple of courses of tile to make sure things line up the way she thought they would.

Scratch everything out to scale on some paper. She decided that having the border echo the virtual rectangle would make the kitchen look like a long hallway. The second option is to make the border a shorter rectangle. Yup, that's the ticket!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I'm excited to spend the long weekend watching them lay tile, rather than being out camping in the woods. For sure.

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