July 9, 2011

Bath Day

I had a bath. My ears are clean, my feet don't stink, and my toenails are trimmed. That's all I'm sayin' about that.

I did feel much springier afterward though.

Besides, after that, we went to the river! The river makes me happy. See?

I met some strangers. That's okay. They liked me. Except when I tried to kiss them (well, seriously, if you sit on the dog beach, you're gonna get kissed). They let me play with their dog. Weird thing had one grey eye and one normal eye. Freaked me out a little, actually.

Ahhhh....warming up in the sun. Funny enough, the river is the best place to dry off after a bath. If you're a Ridgeback. Nothing really gets any wetter, except maybe your feet.

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