July 8, 2011

This is the side of the hedge that delineates our front yard - photo taken earlier this summer. I took a bunch of photos because we knew city road and sidewalk construction was imminent, and of course I'd want to track just how much of a muck they made of things.

This is the same hedge when I returned from errands today. Not the tree guy's fault - he has to trim (read: hack) the hedge back a certain distance into the property line so there is room for the forms for the new 2 metre wide sidewalk the city insists is required. Silly, really. Nobody uses the sidewalk on that side of the house. Probably because it ends at the end of our backyard. But I guess they'll remedy that too.


Tree guy was nice enough to give me a few pointers on hedge maintenance when I went and introduced myself. I don't expect he's going to be making friends anywhere along that stretch of road over the next couple of months. Wait till he goes to tell our neighbours in back of us that their maple tree has got to go. At least our trees you see at the side of our house (the ones inside the fence) get to stay, with a healthy pruning to make room for the equipment that's coming in.

This is the same sidewalk, taken from almost where the sidewalk ends, looking toward the front. See the nice, secluded little pathway to nowhere? The trees on the right are on city property and have to go to make room for the new bus stop. Most excellent, I say. Expose our long white fence to all the graffiti artists of the world, yeah!

Seriously, although I was pretty bitter a couple of months ago I think I'm over it. Somebody has to stay rational while Norm fumes away about the unjust senselessness of it all.

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