July 16, 2010

Yee Haw!!

Rory's first Stampede adventure was rather inadvertent. I took a detour to go get a coffee as we were walking to the dog park early this morning. The coffee place is on a crescent with a bunch of boutique type stores a couple of blocks from the house. This morning that entire street had been commandeered by the official Stampede Caravan people. Stage, music, ponies, hot air balloon, tables and tables of griddles for pancake breakfast. The works. And this was just the set-up, breakfast didn't start until 9. Obviously, we missed that memo too; like the other perks of the new neighbourhood, I don't know anything about them until they happen. Somehow I always assumed cowboys only loved sheepdogs, but there was no shortage of loving for Rory this morning. He does tend to gather attention in a crowd. Maybe they thought one of the ponies had escaped?

And really, who *wouldn't* love you, right Rory?

Since the pancakes weren't ready yet, Rory was happy enough to move on and lasso somebody to play with at the park.

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