August 11, 2010


I wanted to come back. But it was hard to leave.

Making room in the dog/reno blog for some vacation reflection. Here's some of what I saw, heard, felt, learned and tasted on my latest trip to Newfoundland. You'll have to use your imagination to figure out which verb(s) to apply to what. There are some entertaining possibilities.

-Stinging nettles.
-Raw fingers and sore shoulders from reeling in fish.
-Blue Rodeo.
-Setting sunlight shimmering off my daughter's hair and a love so big for her that my heart squeezed and I couldn't breathe.
-The instant sense of peace that is Black Island.
-Scrabble strategy. Finally.
-A mouth full of salt water.
-The biggest canvas of clear dark sky and stars. Ever.
-Curly hair requires no product after swimming in the ocean.
-All 16 year old boys are fundamentally alike. Funny, awkward, cute.
-Line dried clothes still warm from the sun.
-Sea urchin spines are a bitch.
-Rory will wait by the living room window for three days before resigning himself to the fact that I'm not home yet.

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