July 3, 2010


Some jobs just beg to be done. Really. Like when you're sitting in the dining room eating your breakfast of granola (liberally sprinkled with a handful of Sugar Crisp cereal plucked from your partner's bowl) the living room ceiling calls. It says "cut me!". Well, why not? What better way to determine if the nails that the roofers pounded through the ceiling really are marking the four corners of the skylights they installed for us?

I think this is his brave face. There are a couple of things at play here. We've never actually 'done' a skylight before. In our other house we built a glass wall and installed some windows, but no skylight. The other thing is that I have this weird thing about holes in my house. It's a thing. It's weird. And it pretty much drives Norm insane. Any time we have a project to do - and there is no shortage of them now - my first question is "Do we need to make a hole?" That tells me how much I need to think about drinking. If these holes don't work out, Norm knows it will be a long night. And it's only lunchtime.

Here's an action shot. See it? The little bits of drywall falling? The ceiling it turns out, is like the rest of the house, two layers of drywall.

The hole. Looks like we're in the right place. Perhaps I can put that bottle of wine away.

Norm started out with a power tool. Rory joined in from his vantage point in the dining room. He has the uncanny ability to mimic the high-pitched whine this particular tool makes.

I can do more than take photos. Besides, I wanted to try on the cool Darth Vader mask. With goggles.

I prefer a drywall knife. No cords to trip over on the ladder. No singing dog to contend with.

Open on the left.

Open on the right.

You can practically hear the choir as the light floods the room, can't you?

Stuck to the inside of the second window. The installation DVD. Maybe the roofers had a portable player, watched the whole thing while they were up on the roof, repackaged the DVD, then taped it to the inside of the window for us?

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