July 3, 2010

Slippery when wet. And when dry.

Yesterday I went to Bass Pro Shops. I didn't get to go last time because my people didn't know that dogs are allowed. What a HUGE place. Full of wildlife, but it's stuffed. Except the trout, they're still real enough. Also...not so sure about the heads on the walls, but I didn't see any dogs up there, so I guess it's okay. This picture was supposed to be of me standing underneath the sign. What you can't see (because Momma's red curly head was covering it, plus she cropped herself out) is that we are in the Archery Pro Shop part of the store. The REDHEAD Archery Pro Shop. Doesn't matter...the light here didn't play up my red anyway.

There were tons of things to smell and see. And lots of kids to get pats from. Some better than others. I especially like the ones who actually want to pet me - they aren't scared and their parents make them ask for permission first. Then there are kids whose parents want the kids to see me more than the kids actually do. They're okay too, but nervous and get weirded out when I try to smell their toes. That's what happens - I can tell if you've spent the day at the Calgary Zoo in your sandals, you know.

All in all, a good trip. Except for the red shiny floor. I walked through to doors of that place like I'd been there a hundred times. Up three flights of concrete stairs. On the red floor. On the cement floor. On the carpeted floor. But then in one aisle, I did a Bambi on the red floor. Then I figured I would just avoid all red shiny floors for the rest of the trip. Easy enough until we had to get back to the stairs, since we had to walk down a strip of red floor to get to the stairs. Given the available options - lay down and stay put while watching my people leave, or tough it up and tiptoe across - I'm happy to report I chose the second option. And I made it back to tell you about it. Evil, nasty floor. Bad floor.

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