February 20, 2008

"Mooner" Eclipse

Momma went for a walk to look at the moon with the rest of the neighbours. Not us. This is where she left us, and this is where we were when she came back 20 minutes later. Moon shmoon.
....Seth and Rory


Tamzin said...

I love it ... he's just a gorgeous boy ... poor Seth seems to be adjusting quite well. Wait til Rory gets big! I can see you are already spoiling the heck out of him ... good job!

Taryn said...

This is great! I can show Rifka her brother and see that they are not that different (either are the adult dogs suddenly put upon by these creatins). That eclipse was beautifull, although I was cursing it a little when I was trying to feed the horses in the pitch black. LOL
I can't wait to read about the next Rory saga.