February 15, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas

I am beginning where Tamzin left off, so I appropriated the last picture of Rory that she posted in her blog. When I saved it to my laptop, the default name was "Rory+Fatness"; that about says it all. This litter was born on the night before Christmas and now it feels like the night before Christmas. It's after 11 pm and not a creature is stirring. Except me. Can't sleep. Rory is comin' home tomorrow! The crate has been dragged from the garage - at some peril to my own well-being, but what are a few lacerations compared to the excitement of a new puppy - and set up in the kitchen with Seth's bed. All scrubbed out and lined with a new sherpa. Clean towels and blankies are folded and waiting. As are new toys and nylabones (these having been given a test chew and the all-clear from Seth), collar and dog tag. Yup, the old fellow knows something is up...

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