February 22, 2008

All Talk

Apparently, it was a long day. A car ride to join a friend for lunch, then a trip to the bakery, then to Rascal's for a couple of thinner beds for the bedroom. I wanted something they could sleep on that I could just slide under my own bed in the morning, rather than lugging the big one out and back to the kitchen each day. I threw the new beds on the floor by the door when we came back, and the boys decided to test them right away: immediate flake-out, so I guess these will work. Just by looking at the relative size of these guys side-by-side, I can tell that Rory has grown quite a lot in just the few days we've had him. Seth talks tough to him, but obviously found a soft spot somewhere, and I'm not talking about the new beds. Yesterday, we were walking out to the truck and the neighbour was coming up the walk with his dog. Normally Seth and Harley don't have any trouble with each other, but as soon as Harley got close to Rory, Seth jumped in between them and started growling. Of course, that could be chalked up to Seth's normal 'fun police' style, but I like to think he was looking out for his little bro'. ....Kathryn

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