February 24, 2008

Earth, we have contact!

All I want is to be able to touch Seth with my nose. I fall asleep better if some part of me is connected to some part of him. But as soon as he thinks I am sleeping, he moves to a new sunbeam. Obviously, this is part of my training. I am supposed to get up and follow him. Maybe one day I'll lead HIM to the sunbeams.
Uh, confession being good for the soul and all that, I must concede to one accident this morning. I have not yet mastered more than 4 stairs at a time and we were all the way up in the loft...I swear, if I had been downstairs I would have rung the bells to get out, really I would (my humans tell me we are at about 95% to the good on this one). Unfortunately, my humans were so engrossed in an episode of House they didn't notice my distress. So I did what any puppy would do. I peed. As for the allegations of suckling noises and hiccups, deny deny deny. ...Rory

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