June 19, 2011

Everything Must Go

I love long weekends, don't you? Two Fridays per month off work is excellent. Especially when you spend that Friday with your significant other. In a swampy mud pit. Getting bitten by mosquitoes, intermittently burned by the sun, and falling into four-foot deep holes. All for a good cause of course. We were helping build a playground at our community centre this Friday. If there wasn't enough backbreaking labour involved there, we spent Saturday tearing out what was left of the kitchen (the sink and surrounding counter top), and the old tile and plywood off the floor. Tonight, you get pics of how serious the people were that built this house. Nothing comes off, or out, easily. Nothing.

Here's what we started with on Saturday.

Here's our foreman, uh, Rory. Pretty much his eyes are saying "Please hurry up. I want to go for a walk. And I'm tired of getting my toenails caught in these boards. It's ridiculous how long you've been taking to do this. And I want to go for a walk. What did you get yourself into? Can I have supper? Did I tell you that I want a walk?"

Much banging, crashing, twisting and tugging results in....this. Now I want to go for a walk. I don't care that it's raining.

After we pried up the base of the cabinet this is what we saw. Peanuts. Of an unknown vintage. Petrified. Don't ask me. There was no way in or out of that space...not even for a peanut.

All done arguing with the cabinet, drain, sink and garburator. Now we tackle the floor. And a million nails. I do have to say that I'm glad the dumpster guy is coming on Tuesday to take the bin out of the driveway. Otherwise, I would have given up right here. Nothing like a bit of incentive to get you in deconstruct mode.

Finally! Here's what we ended with on Saturday. I was originally going to call this entry "Everything. Including The Kitchen Sink". But I'm not going to make it that far in bloggerdom tonight. We didn't finish screwing down the new plywood today, but we did get a good bit of it in. I'm hoping we finish it tomorrow so that I can lay the tile while Norm is away.

Here's to peanut butter sandwiches for supper. For the foreseeable future.

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