June 4, 2011

Guess I'll have to stop for the night...

Argh! As I suspected. Halfway through the job it is now clear that I need a teeny bit (it's relative: 100") more wallpaper for the powder room. It means I have to order an entire double roll because that's they only way they sell it. And the wait time is 3 weeks. Those of you on the Christmas gift list can expect your gifts wrapped in some pretty pricey paper. It's not prepasted, of course. I was hoping for Karma with the pattern repeat length (which is why I didn't order two double rolls in the first place) but alas, it's not to be. I have 100" left over, but it's all in 21" lengths.

Photos are below just in case you can't handle the suspense, since the only photos of the powder room so far have included orange Schluter Ditra on the floor and the pipes under the sink. Also so you don't think I didn't do anything on my vacation other than take a vacation:

The colours are hard to pick out, but the design on the wallpaper echoes the colour of the small copper/bronze tiles in the floor. The faucet too.

I loved the idea of contrasting the 'bleached linen' paint on the wainscoting and the burgundy/purplish of the wallpaper.  Also a contrast in styles, which I'm all over when you can make it work. Perhaps we'll call this modern-classical-boudoir?

The photos were all taken with the bathroom lights off. Just natural light as filtered through the window (over the toilet) which looks out into the sunroom. Odd arrangement. But only if you pee standing up.

One of two pendants - one on each side of the mirror over the sink. See a previous post for the joys of retro-wiring.

The pendants are onyx and cast quite the golden glow - changes the mood of the wallpaper entirely.

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