April 3, 2011

Snow Day

I suppose I can't really declare a snow day if it's already a day off. Don't know how much snow fell, but it sure did make the yard look sparkly. It had the added benefit of covering up the dog run so obviously I can't be out cleaning THAT today. Guess I'll have to wait for it to melt. In the meantime, it dawned on me that several weeks have passed since the last blog entry. We've made some progress, but I haven't taken photos yet. Instead, you get to see what the view from the dining room and the living room looked like this morning.

The new sliding doors in the dining room make a huge difference. Not only can Rory watch squirrels from the comfort of his own bed, but after a snowfall warning comes true, we wake up to this in the morning. Now...if only there was a dining room table to sit at...

Obviously, we have to find a new solution for the gutters. The new metal roof reacts differently than shingles do in this kind of weather. There are stoppers to keep the snow from avalanching right off the roof, but when the edge of the snow hits the edge of the roof and it warms up just enough, we get icicles.

Poor little shed.

From the living room. Getting new windows is like getting prescription glasses for the first time. I keep staring outside. 60 year old windows have a certain amount of etching, but these, well, these are awesome.

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