April 4, 2011

Ah, the French!

I've discovered that as we go along, trying to take the "after" photos from the same vantage point as the "before" pics gets more challenging. I've almost forgotten what some things looked like...almost, but all it takes is one photo to remind me.

Remember this? This is the view from the back entrance to the hub room, looking toward the front door and entryway. I had almost forgotten the beams on the ceiling until a discussion I had with somebody today, joking about beams. No joke. There really were beams. I really was going to keep them. Glad I didn't.

Now, similar vantage point, but the interior window on the left is gone. No idea what that was all about. We replaced the mahogany swinging doors with custom French doors. Custom only in that the sizes can't be bought off the shelf. I was pretty pleased with the glass design, but have since seen it readily available in standard sizes. Oh well...I still like it.

Same view, but with the door open. Since that's how we leave it most of the time. Otherwise I suspect Rory would be confused about the whole thing.

This is the opposite view of the first photo. Standing near the front door and looking into the hub room. By this point, we had the weird window drywalled up. At least on one side.

And now. No more window. New radiator cover. New doors. See the hinge? No? That's because it's at the bottom. We were going to repurpose the original pivoting hinges - they install bottom and top and allow the door to swing both ways. The originals were usable but were in rough shape. Norm was able to source exact replicas. Brand new. And shiny.

Next post, we'll go to the other side of the house and see how the kitchen's coming along.

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