April 23, 2011

Taking a Powder

Today we finished the lighting, installed the sink, faucet, mirror, toilet... All of that in a not-quite 6 x 3 powder room. As supper time loomed closer Rory came to make sure we knew about his growling tummy. There isn't enough room for two people in that little space, never mind two people and a large dog. But Rory is pretty good at squishing himself into places. Less good at being subtle about his needs. So I left Norm downstairs finishing the drain plumbing. We did get all the parts cut and pieced together, now he gets to take them apart and put some magic glue in the cuffs. I'm a bit worried about the tiny, hot, room and the fumes from the glue but since he's older than me he can probably better afford to lose a few brain cells. I still need mine. Besides, I had to feed the dog and get our own dinner in the oven. Can't do that while sniffing glue.

You don't get to see the whole room yet, because to call it done requires wallpaper above the wainscoting. And the wallpaper is on order but will take another couple of weeks. For now, you just get snippets. Here's what the drain assembly looks like (I didn't say they would be interesting snippets). Reminds me a bit of this. You remember Habitrail, don't you? I went looking for photos and the sets are much more elaborate than I remember (that, or people have way more time on their hands than they used to), but you get the idea.

It started out simple. Really. But the drain goes into the wall to the right of the vanity, and there's a drawer top inside the vanity that interferes with the drain trap so we had to put the trap behind the drawer, but that meant we needed to add more elbows and pipe.

You know what I want to know? If a company is going to stamp its name on my toilet, and make me pay for the pleasure, at the very least they could put it on straight. Ask Norm how much time I spent making sure the vanity and the faucet and the toilet all lined properly. I'm glad I don't pee standing up...otherwise this stamp would drive me batty.

And here's the only action shot of the day. Slo-mo lid. No slamming seat. Excellent.

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