February 20, 2011

Can You See Me Now?

Rory has rediscovered sunbeams! In the mornings he plasters himself to the baseboard radiator under the living room window. Once the sun is up he heads to the dining room and the new sliding doors for some southern exposure. And some squirrel watching. All good by me since it means he's not drooling on the new windowsill in the living room.

A little self-grooming always makes a boy feel ready to face the day.

Oh oh, what's this? Two-for-one day! Maybe it's a critter BOGO.

Rory-cam. Ridgebacks must have pretty good sight. The squirrels are in the apple tree on the left.

Really, see? Thing One...

....and Thing Two!

1 comment:

The Boss Bitch said...

Sunbeams and squirrels ... Leeloo and Raimi said they want to come live with you. Plus, your squirrels are bigger.