October 30, 2010

Ridgebacks: A Dichotomy

Thick skulls, yet transparent thought processes. I love that Rory can sit and maintain a furrowed brow for long stretches. It makes him look smart. Like he's concentrating. He sits at the very edge of the living room - maybe a toenail into the dining room, just testing - while he watches us eat dinner. Tonight was roast chicken, apparently one of his favourites. For all his "testing" and feigning ignorance of certain human words, all of which you could simply chalk up to stubbornness rather than a thick skull, his thoughts during his observation of our dinner time are pretty plain. They go something like this..."Hey, uh, I'm sitting here. See? How about this? See me doing a high five? Laying down? [snifffffff] Are you going to eat ALL that chicken? Why have you stopped eating? There's lots of chicken left. Oh, maybe you want to give ME the chicken. No? But I like chicken. A lot. And you aren't eating it. [insert Seriously Worried Look here] Just a bit of chicken. Chicken does a body good. [drool] Oh, wait! Why are you getting up? Where are you taking the chicken? Yay, you're walking to my bowl...that's the right direction! No. No. Oh no, don't put that chicken in the fridge...you'll never eat the leftovers anyway. [sigh]

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