October 3, 2010

First Impressions

I didn't get as far on this project as I had hoped. And now that October has rolled around, both the white paint and refinishing the cement leading to the front door will have to keep until next spring. Do I sound sad? Uh, no. There are plenty of other things to keep us busy this fall. On the plus side, having even this much done for the front door means it's enough fodder for reno blog readers since I've been delinquent lately.

Then. Dark blue door and upper trim, made colder by the light in the north facing yard. Brass mail slot and door knob. And tiny little overhead light. Sunlight brought to you by the month of June.

Now. RED door! A good deep red. Changed the blue upper trim to a dark grey to pick up on those tones in the stonework. Also added some of this grey in the inserts beneath the windows on either side of the door. Subtle, but it makes the windows look taller. Black mail slot and new door hardware. New carriage lamp too. Leaves brought to you by the month of October.

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