October 1, 2010

Little Bits

September. When it's not raining, it's an awesome month. Especially days like today (yah, it's October 1st, but still, a textbook autumn day) when it's a Friday off of work. Because it tends to be a pretty month my library of September photos is extensive and Rory is the star in most of them. Well, Rory and his mostly anonymous friends. So before I get too far behind, here are some photos for the blog. I often delete these kinds of shots because they are blurry or the lighting isn't great or they're too far away, but here are some action shots before the delete button gets them.

Sometimes the action is in the tension. Will the little black doggie fall of the edge?

I like this one for the low spring from a crouch - and for the way the other dog seems to be leaning away from the springing Rory. See the other dog's tail and legs? He's looking at Rory but heading sideways.

Now it looks like he`s having a bit more fun. To know Rory is to love him I guess.

 Dark brown dog and Rory both have their front left leg straight out. Like ballet. I also like the ripple of muscle you can see in short-haired dogs.

This is just funny because of Rory`s flappy ear. And because Kiri seems to be thinking Rory won`t find her under there. 

But he does find her. And mayhem ensues. Not to worry, she`s a tough cheeky little thing. And when she grows into her legs I`m sure she`ll be opening a can of whoop-a** for Mr. R.

This was post-action. I love how when they get tired but still want to play they just flop down and chew on each other`s heads.

In this one you can see that only one of Rory`s feet is actually touching the ground, and just barely. I never knew this about dogs. And his ears make him look like a bat.

This might look like a landing, but it`s actually a take-off. I have a great still shot of Rory (I`ll put it in the next post). He was standing there scenting the air, looking all grown up and regal, and then something behind me caught his eye.

In this one, I love the position of Rory`s legs. Stability is what it`s all about.

A brake moment. Sometimes the other guy throws you off with those sudden stops and you have to put your front brakes on to avoid a collision.

More ballet. Synchronized.

A loping Husky and a powerhouse Ridgeback. With the next reach Rory passed right by him.

Sproing and pounce. Though I`m not sure what for. Sometimes he`s like that. You just gotta sproing when you get the chance. It`s a good lesson.

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