November 6, 2010

One Year Later

Are you there Seth? It's me, Rory. Momma says it has been 365 sleeps since I saw you last and that I probably don't remember you. But I think if you walked in the door I'd still recognize you. And Momma sees lots of you in me because you taught me everything you knew before you left.

Do you remember? I tried to copy everything you did. And even though it looks like you didn't like me, I know you did. Just deeper down. But you came around, didn't you?

You had to. Because I really was a lot of fun, and perked you right up, huh? We had great times. You howling and me dancin'.

You went from letting me share your bed....

 letting me share YOU....

 putting up with me EATING all your beds...

Gosh, we sure had a lot of beds, didn't we?

I still remember lots of the stuff you taught me. Like how to sniff REAL deep. It's important to get your nose right into it.

And to always come back when called.

How to squish into a sunbeam.

How to look ma-toor. I haven't quite got this yet, but I'm workin' on it. Momma says I have to get grey whiskers first and even then there's no guarantee.

Also, how to be with other dogs. Look 'em in the eye but don't be too intense. See my ears at the bottom here? I'm listening to you.

And how to generally just be a star. This is you making it all look so easy.

I know she misses you still. I'm doing my best to fill your paws. Even though it's me that walks on her left side now, you're still there. And I never let her out of my sight, no matter what. 'Cause I think that's what you would have wanted. It's how you showed me.

If you're watching, I hope you think I'm doing it okay.
Love, Rory

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