September 18, 2010

The In Crowd

If you can't beat the weather, you can join it. If you're a Ridgeback the best way to keep warm (next to stretching out against the baseboard radiator) is to make sure you expend a lot of energy at the park. It's even better when you meet a new friend like Jaeger, an 8 year old Weim who had absolutely no trouble keeping up with Rory.

This is pretty much typical Rory...totally oblivious to the fact that the other dog is pretty much unaware of his presence because there is a B-A-L-L.

What's a Ridgeback to do? Well, find another Ridgeback and show the Weim what you want.

You can start with the stare-down. Maybe the Weim won't notice the ball beside his feet. "Look into my eyes, there is no ball".

And the next thing you know...


Zig. Zag. Where'd that darn ball come from?


Ambush! Though Rory wasn't nearly as hidden as he thought he was.

Photographic proof that Rory marches to the beat of his own drum. Or he's directionally challenged.

A little sit-stay. No big deal, since Jaeger was back looking for the ball anyway.

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