May 14, 2010


Not quite all the way better, but almost. Rory that is. Attitude and energy are all the way there. His coat still needs a bit of work and he could still use an eensie bit more meat on his bones (but maybe Tamzin thinks different?). And his breath is icky. Not that it ever smelled, well, delicious, but it's not the usual Rory smell. Getting better though. All in all I figure he well enough to start tracking classes on Sunday. Here are some pics from tonight's roar through the park.

This is my favourite shot of the night. I had Norm hang on to him while I walked away and then called him. "Coming Momma!!!!" Actually, I kind of hear the theme for the Six Million Dollar Man playing in the background.

I love the ball in this shot. Dogs are forever hovering over their sticks and a Ridgeback really wants anything at all to do with them. Rory just wants to run and wrestle, and found a fellow willing to give up his pretty orange ball to do just that.

Some Ridgeballet.

"Ball? What ball? Oh, THAT ball. Well, you gotta get through me first..."

I am rarely quick enough to catch Rory with all four feet in the air. Frankly, the look on the Golden's face is priceless. And there's something about a dog off of the ground that makes the it look like it's 3D, like I just pasted him onto the image of a Golden who doesn't know which way to run. No worries, he wasn't ambushing her, they had already been playing. Molly just picked a bad time to stand still.

Again...looks like I just pasted Rory on top of this. Sideways, to boot. Boink!

I enlarged this one...not sure if it will show, but there's a great puff of dust under Rory's front left paw. The only one on the ground. I'm actually not sure how he doesn't go ass over teakettle when he runs like this. Poor Molly...she just wants to prance. And she's not even paying attention to Rory's bucking bronco impression.

"Shhhh....wait...there's something in there! Stand back Momma, it could be The Dreaded Magpie!"

As neat as the action shots can be, once I've downloaded them I spend most of my time enlarging them and giggling hysterically at the look on his face. Exuberance, sheer, pure, and simple. What's not to love?

See? Life's good. As long as you can keep your tongue from smacking you in the face.

And why the tracking classes? Because unless there is another dog around to play with, Rory spends most of his time doing this:

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The Boss Bitch said...

He looks AWESOME! Enjoying life to the fullest just as he should.

Tracking classes? Raimi goes to a tracking seminar in June too! Are you going to try to get a TD title on him? You can do that you know - I want to get Raimi's TD. Tracking doesn't require a lot of brain power .. right up Raimi's alley.