May 21, 2010

This should cover it.

A few weeks ago in a post about the entry-way, I mentioned that in addition to making a radiator cover for us, Hammersmith Custom Metal is also crafting our hood fan cover for the new gas stove. The owner, Mike, has been extremely helpful with us (and patient with me while I changed my mind, again) and we have finalized a design. He sketched it out, but the sketch won't scan well. For those of you who can visualize, here's some fodder:

I'm not a fan of the squared-off pointy corners, but this is the 'colour' I want. Stainless steel with copper trim.

So, imagine the above combination, but in more of this style, with the beveled corners. It will be installed between the two kitchen windows - and Hammersmith does that part too!

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