April 29, 2010

Walk these streets...

Tonight I figured on a nice leisurely stroll on our crescent, maybe two times back and forth. Y'know, wouldn't want to tax the poor guy (Rory, I mean. Norm's busy swearing at invoices and receipts - it's that time of year). Rory wasn't having any of it. With the leash snapped on he assumed we were going to the park so that's where we went. We stayed topside away from the water and other dogs where he'd probably over exert himself. So I was his only playmate.

That means I get the play-bow.

"Wait, I smell something!" Check out those ears...it was pretty windy.

Going to investigate...under a close and watchful eye. Note the shaved belly. Ultrasound works better that way.

Rory is a sniffer. Serious sniffer. I'm considering an intervention but might wait till he's feeling better.

"Geez, it looks pretty far. We don't have to go all the way, do we?" That length of path is actually our normal 'short walk' - the one we take when the weather isn't great or when I'm feeling lazy. Today was the extra-short version.

Heading home. Not much can compete with the sight of your steadfast companion racing to catch up to you.

Just before we left the park, Rory stopped in contemplative greeting of another sunset shared with a curly-red-haired girl who loves him big like the universe.

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The Boss Bitch said...

He's looking better already! Boy these guys bounce back quick given half a chance!