April 26, 2010

Rory Update #2

Norm and I just got back from a visit with Rory, which included taking him on a four block round trip walk in the fresh evening air. He's put a bit of weight back on, fluids most likely, but looks that much better than yesterday. On a dog without fat any difference shows readily. My 102 pounds of wiggly-sniffing-poking-bouncing-smiling dog was only 86 pounds on Sunday. He is also blowing coat - likely from being in a strange environment, so what once was a gleaming coat of red is now looking thin and patchy. Nothing we can't deal with eventually. Right now the goal is to keep making improvements in blood chemistry and keeping food down. His "bun" and creatine won't be measured again till tomorrow so nothing new to report there. He has had three tiny meals today, all eaten enthusiastically and all kept down. He was alert, curious and full of nose pokes when we visited, though he tired easily from the walk. He's on two types of antibiotics, something for his stomach - the name escapes me but the human version is Pepcid AC, another thing to coat his esophagus, stomach and GI tract, and an anti-nausea medication. Pardon in advance to the squeamish among you but he is also passing stool, which is a good sign too - it's black which means it has blood in it (processed) but at least it's coming through. Ugh though, talk about the worst smell EVER.

He is of course charming the socks off of the vets and staff. Very tolerant of being prodded and poked, he's patient and just a generally good-natured, easy-going soul. But we knew that already :)

I whispered in his ear all the encouragement you are sending his way. I know he hears you.

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