April 26, 2010

Rory Update

First the good news: Rory's new x-rays from today compared to yesterday show a shift in gas patterns which means things are moving along in his intestines - this is good. He so far today has kept down two small meals (both of which he ate with gusto) - this is also good. The not-so-good news: his 'bun" and creatine (these are indicators in his blood that his kidneys are not filtering toxins) haven't lowered, so the vets will continue with fluids in order to support kidney healing and hope for eventual lowering of these indicators. Antibiotics continue. His hydration levels are back to normal with the help of IV fluids. Nothing back yet on tests submitted to lab for leptospirosis, giardia, e.coli, salmonella, beaver fever and a whole raft of others. The internal medicine specialist who took care of Rory today is suggesting that the kidney problem is secondary or the result of some other problem: toxin, poison, bacteria: something Rory might have eaten. As terrible as that sounds, it is better than yesterday's suggestion that the kidneys were the primary problem - in cases like that there isn't much they can do, the prognosis for those dogs is not good. In cases of poison or infection, they can at least help fight infection and provide hydration and nutrition while the body and organs try to heal. Thanks so much for all the positive energy - it means a lot to us!

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Servant 1 of 2 said...

Hoping this is the first better day of many more to come. Our continued best wishes for you and Rory.