April 25, 2010


Thanks for all the well-wishes for Rory - I just finished visiting him at the animal hospital and you can bet I passed them on. Here's where some people excel at blogging and I fail: I didn't want to write about this at all. But as Norm pointed out, it IS Rory's blog. For those of you who don't know, Rory was sick for a couple of days, and after a trip to our regular vet on Saturday morning, things got worse and it got to the point where he needed to be hospitalized in the early hours of Sunday morning. The emergency vets are suggesting kidney failure but aren't certain of the cause. What they have told me though is that what seems so sudden to me may have actually been there all along but his body was able to manage things. Sometimes symptoms for kidney problems don't show up until they are down to only 25% function. So they are checking for infection and tomorrow morning they will do an ultrasound to "see" what his kidneys look like. In the meantime, they are getting him rehydrated, which is taking quite a while. Starting on Thursday night he wouldn't even look at food (and for Rory here's where the alarm bells start). He was able though to keep small amounts of water down but by Saturday night things weren't at all better so off to the hospital we went. I just came back from a visit and he is definitely perkier and the levels of toxins in his blood (this is what should be cleaned out by his kidneys) have dropped a little bit. He even ate some food while we were there, here's to hoping he keeps it down. We took him for a walk in the sunshine and then brought him back so they could keep plugging fluids into him.

Anyway, we don't actually know much for certain right now but I thought I'd post while I was still relatively cheered from visiting with Rory who on the outside does seem better than he did early this morning. The atmosphere in the house without Rory is solemn to say the least. Two people sitting around waiting. And waiting. And worrying. How can you do anything else?

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