June 1, 2008

The Satsuma Strikes Back

The "new" ortho-foam bed has made its last stand. Luckily, I had already ordered a couple of other beds and was waiting on their imminent delivery. This one was destined for the loft but, for obvious reasons, was put to use in the kitchen. It was also supposed to be 'wine' coloured. If I'd wanted purple, I would have looked for 'purple' (or heck, maybe even 'eggplant') in the colour list - they weren't there. The only thing wine about it is that I whined when the box was opened. Oh well, soon enough it will be covered with red dog hair. The other bed is a big rectangular job, waterproof camouflage cover to put out on the deck. Speaking of the deck, it was a great weekend for hanging outside, so we did. Spring planting and cleaning was all finished and we were sitting on the lounge swing. Norm had just finished peeling a Satsuma - one of those tiny Japanese mandarins - and of course Rory had his nose everywhere. Norm gave him a little piece of peel and Rory took off with it, throwing it in the air and then pouncing on it. Batting at it and growling (complete with his butt in the air). That was funny enough, but then things took a turn to riotous when the peel got stuck to the bottom of his front paw. He could smell it near his foot somewhere, and kept backing up and going around in circles with his nose on the deck trying to find it. All in a day's work for Rory, and he proved just how taxing his ordeal was by promptly passing out when we went inside. And just WHERE did my puppy go? Good thing I ordered the XL. http://www.mammothoutlet.ca/ gets five stars in Rory's book. Until he eats it.

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