May 28, 2008

We're updating all of our digital pictures (truly, this means Norm is doing the work). This involves creating a public drive on our home network just to store pictures, movies, etc. Picassa is busy indexing no matter which computer I try to use. This picture was handy, so I pulled it out to post on the blog. This is Seth (L) and Sage (R) in 2004. Note Seth had yet to turn grey, while Sage was well on her way. It was our last summer with her, and this picture was taken on a warm day after a particularly frisky outing - as the lolling tongues clearly indicate. It was also the day that Seth walked along that river wall to some picnickers at the far end and thought it appropriate to stick his head right INTO their picnic basket to see what was for lunch. Now Sage is gone and Seth is the grey one. Not much to report on Rory today. Though I am still referring to him as the Dog of Destruction. Norm's brother came by today and wanted to know where our puppy went. Puppy no more. Okay, mentally a puppy, but physically a tall, gangly, often-clumsy goofball.

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