June 29, 2008

Raimi Visits

If you've been reading Tamzin's blog, you'll know a couple of things. One is that she was away at a dog show in Montana last weekend. The other is that Raimi came for a visit yesterday. While she was in Montana, we were near Blaine, Washington for my eldest daughter's wedding. I've promised certain people some photos, so here they are: http://picasaweb.google.com/pawkyone/BrianneAndJamesWeddingForWebAlbum
I absolutely LOVE the drive out to Vancouver, and I do it anytime I can - and visiting Brianne is about as good an excuse as any. She just moved out there last year and has no plans to come back. What's a mom to do? If I could make a living out there it's where I'd be. I'm particularly fond of Crown Isle near Comox. Yeah, I'd still have to drive for an hour and then take a ferry to visit Brianne, but it's closer...

As for Raimi's visit, he was an absolute doll. I think Norm had visions of a 107 pound dog pounding through the house (like that's a bad thing?) but it turned out that Raimi did Tamzin proud. The only downside to the visit was that we had to put Seth in the guest room as he wasn't keen on canine fun in his domain, especially if it involved Rory and a dog who isn't Seth. Seth was actually fine having a bed all to himself, and the only time we heard from him was when Rory pulled the puppy-card and yelped when the roughhousnding (dog housing?) with Raimi was more than he could handle. Rory and Raimi spent the entire evening with the run of the yard and house, playing, sniffing, poking and generally behaving like Ridgebacks.

"Uhm, hi. Have you seen my mother?"

"..and this is my yard, and my deck, and my grass, and my toys, and and my flowers, and my water dish, and my... hey, are you listening???"

"Is that your tongue?"

"Snork. Slurp. Y'know, your ears don't taste as good as your Momma's."

"'k guys, it's HOT out here. I vote for Dairy Queen."

By the end of the evening, the two 'boys' had settled down with us in the loft. I was dozing off on the couch and Norm left to go downstairs. Hearing the bathroom door close Raimi took that as the all clear and joined me on the couch, comfy as could be. And there we stayed until Tamzin came to take him away. Kinda like a slumber party without very much slumbering.

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