June 14, 2008

Let's Prey

The long grass brings out something in Rory. Something that makes him zig zag through the grass at crazy speed like a dog possessed. A lot of today's pics are actually just grass, since his speed and erratic movement precluded actually keeping him in the frame long enough to catch the shot. I'm calling those the 'invisible dog' shots.

I only recognize two of the butts - the bigger one is Raimi, and the one to his right is Rory. The nature of photography during a dog walk is that many of the shots are from 'behind'.

Raimi posing. "Hey, Mungo, get outta the way...you're blocking my limelight!"

Mungo "Periscope Ear"

"Don't come any closer or the little guy gets it!" Rory and his hostage, Ramsay.

Tally "I'm Actually Amphibian"

Seriously, this dog would not come out of the water. Obviously, not a Ridgeback, but she was so much fun I'm not going to hold that against her.

All around the mulber..., uh, the whatever bush.

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